My First Genius Hour

Learning how to crochet has always been a hobby throughout my family. This topic seems very intriguing and something easy and creative to get involved with. Today the basics were covered: holding the hook, holding the yarn, creating a slip knot and how to start a chain string. There are many ways and sources to learning how to take on this hobby. Today’s process went very well and a lot of progress was made.

Watching video tutorials will hopefully be the next step but also the source of my mom will help immensely. Thinking of all the things that can be made with this technique give off the feeling of excitement.


Genius Hour

Genius hour, in my opinion, would be an hour of our time well spent. It would be spent on something we have always wanted to learn, accomplish or try. This experience would also give our brains a break during the day. This hour would combine the need of communication, research, public display and focus. There are many improvements that are shown through this concept from other schools. Gary Small once said “The idea is use it or lose it, work out your brain cells so they can stay active and healthy”. With this said, the concept of genius hour really gets drawn to my attention more because you’re using your brain on something you are interested in, so your using it and not loosing it.

I have two topics that I have always wanted to learn about and try to accomplish. First is crocheting: in this case I can make small items like potholders, hats or mittens for family and friends. Second is learning how to play the piano: creating music is not only impactful and a sense of enjoyment to ourselves but others that hear it. These two topics are two that I have always wanted to learn how to do and will take time to accomplish. I recently just learned how to play the guitar and it was a process but it was worth it.