As a high school senior i am extremely anxious to make the next step to the real world. There are many things to stress over when trying to decide on a college. For me it is money. There is always money in the world but things are very costly. College charges a ton of capital for all things. Your charged for books that you will use for a semester. Your food plan so you do not starve yourself everyday or live off of ramen noodles and pop tarts the rest your college life. You also pay for dorms. All of these things add up and it can be very stressful to you and your family.

But on the other hand, i have heard several stories from family friends you are in college or have attended college. The friends they have made there are some of the best friends they have ever had and will stay in touch with them for the rest of their lives. College was eye opening for some of them. From high school being shy and quiet moving to college making new friends and becoming more independent.

Overall, there are ups and downs to your future but do not let anything hold you back. Don’t forget about the lessons you have learned in high school or the memories you made under the Friday night lights but do get held back from trying new things and making new memories.


Space Discussion

In the beginning we were a little confused on what was meant by “think of and list different types of spaces”. Our minds never really stopped to think about all the different types of spaces that are actually around us. So, we came up with some original ones such as personal space, public space or like space between words. As class went on throughout the week we started getting deeper into thought and defining many types more.

Later in the week groups shared their spaces and we realized we had thought of some similar ones but others had gone extremely into thought as well. By the middle of the week we had several notes written down discussing spaces and attitudes in a classroom. Discussions started to broaden and strengthen. We came up with “vibes” in a classroom, attitudes, moods, how engaged we are and what makes us engaged in class.