Michigan weather is something special. You never know what to expect. Some days it will be snowy and bitterly cold. Other days will be sunny and windy. I love winter but it is a struggle in Michigan. The winters are terrible.

I have the right to complain about Michigan because I have lived here my whole life. The roads get more bunny everyday. The snow makes the roads hard to drive on without ditching them and the cold is strenuous on many things. All my activities seem limited. Such as playing with my dog outside because his little feet will freeze or making trips to my friends house or to dinner because my parents are nervous for me driving. Not only activities but I have to wake up earlier to warm my car up before I leave for school as well as leaving early from my house in case the roads are rough. All issues in Michigan’s winter season come together as a huge problem. There are so many reasons to leave but also to stay.

As much as I hate the bitter cold more and more as I get older there is no way I could leave my family. Even though onsted is a small town in Michigan with not very much around to do, I still love it.


The Stress of Senior Year

I think to myself everyday as I wake up… this is my last year, you can do it. Everyday gets harder and harder to wake up and make myself look presentable. As a junior I told myself that I was not going to be one of those seniors who just takes blow off classes and never has to do anything. I told myself I was going to work hard and finish with a BANG. Don’t get me wrong I am trying my hardest everyday and I am certainly not take blow off classes. But now first semester if almost to an end. My grades that matter and get sent to the college I want to attend are from this semester. With that thought in the back of my head at all times it makes all the other parts of senioritis even more difficult. I met with my counselor the other day to make my schedule for next semester and what do you know. I am only here for a half day because senioritis is taking a toll on my life.

I find myself always spinning around in circles and every time I stop there is a new deadline in front of me on top of my assignments. “Don’t forget to turn your pictures in”, “Are you filling our your FAFSA?”, “Don’t forget to spend time filling out scholarships.”, “Where do you plan to go to college next year?”, “What are you going to major in?”, “Have you worked on scholarships?”, “What scholarships have you applied for?” I know scholarships are very important and free money waiting for you but that’s all I hear about from everyone it feels like 24/7. Those are just some of the phrases that frequently run through my head all of the time.

Don’t get me wrong I am thrilled to be a senior and I am loving the fact that I have to cherish a lot of things because they will be my “lasts” but sure is it stressful.

Now I could probably go on and on about all the information you will receive and how many speakers you will hear on college and scholarships and also expos you can participate in to find your interests but I will let you experience it and find out some of the stuff on your own. Enjoy!