Last week I slowly started to mess with the yarn and get the feel for things. My mom began to teach me a stitch the she has grown up to know and love: The granny Stitch is used for many things but mostly seen with blankets. After awhile the stitch begins to repeat itself. I did not think it was going to be difficult until I actually got my hands on it… then it was not so easy.

Today I brought the yarn and my product so far to school for genius hour. I was very nervous because I did not think I had the pattern down yet: But I very much surprised myself as I started. At first I got frustrated, then bored, then I was all tensed up. I kept remembering my moms voice in my head saying…”If your all tense and tightened up it doesn’t make things easier or more fun”. So I put things down, took a deep breath and began to continue on with the granny stitch. I made great progress today. One issue that I am struggling with is keeping the yarn pulled tight as I stitch it: the yarn tends to loosen as you go because weaving in and out of pieces. Overall, I am happy I chose this project and I excited to keep monitoring my progress.


Stepping into the Crocheting world

In the past week, I went to pick out my yarn. There are so many types: different sizes, colors, textures, thicknesses. With the yarn I got…I have to use a larger sized hook because it is a thicker type of yarn

Today during genius hour I did hands on things with the yarn. I tried creating a slip knot: this starts holds the yarn onto the hook as you continue. I tried to attempt the chain stitch. That was more of a difficult task so my mom is beginning to teach me the granny stitch. She and my family have been doing this type of stitch for years now. moving from taking notes to actually hands on with  the yearn was a transition. It seemed very simple in the pictures and how it describes to move your hand position; but it was not as easy as I thought it was going to be.


I found some tips and notes for basic beginners during genius hour today. Some of the tips were kind of absurd: but they can really help some people if they are distracted easily or get frustrated. Avoiding tangles in the yarn and keeping tension on the piece that is unraveling are two very important tips. Avoiding tangles helps stay on task and focused. Keeping tension on the piece of yarn is important because it will not get caught on things like it would when it is dragging across blankets or your lap. Another fundamental tip is removing obstacles before you begin on your task of crocheting: Long hair, jewelry and cats or pets in general could potentially be obstacles. These items are pretty much self explanatory due to the fact that all of these 3 objects could be an interruption for yourself. The last thing I noted today was proper positioning of the yarn. For example, while traveling in your car and the ball of yarn was just sitting on your lap… in all likelihood it would roll off your lap and get dirty on the floor of the car. So, placing the ball of yarn in a tote bag would keep from this happening.

Crocheting is something I’m playing around with and am having fun doing so. My mom is very excited for me to continue to learn because its a hobby we could do together.

Genius Hour Update

Today’s genius hour consisted of learning how to crochet a scarf, for beginners. I took notes on the steps and found it really interesting. I have watched my cousin crochet a thinker type of scarf before and it looked very confusing, until now. The website I checked out today showed great examples of the steps taken to create this: materials needed, chain stitch, making loops(laces), attaching the laces, increasing the width, and adding tassels. While taking notes on these steps I learned a new stitch, which was the chain stitch. The examples shown for this stitch provided pictures. This worked out very well for me because I am an extremely visual learner. This type of stitch is meant for beginners but is used for many things even when your not learning anymore.

Within the next week I hope to start the process of a slip know first then moving to crocheting the scarf. I have my mom at home who loves to crochet and has made many blankets for me. I find it astonishing with all the sorts of things that can be made with one simple hobby.