Character Study

Karson is a young and enthusiastic goofball. She has long brown hair with little kinky waves that everyone admires but she is insecure about. Her olive green eyes pop from her slightly tan skin and faded freckled face. She is about 5’5″ and her family calls her a toothpick which she does not like one smidgen. Karson is very hip and follows the dressing trends quite a bit, always finding the latest and greatest clothing and never paying full price. Her clothing brings confidence to her because clothing is her way of expressing herself due to the fact that she is very quiet and some people do not take the time of day to have a conversation with her to ask if she is doing well. She has a bad habit of chipping at her nail polish when they are not painted perfectly. Another bad habit is stressing out and worrying about many things that should not even be crossing a 16 year olds mind. She has the strength to push through pain and tears when everything seems to be falling around her but when someone raises their voice towards her, her confidence shatters to the ground. This 16 year old teenager hates with a passion the popular girl drama and attitudes that kids her age can put off. Although she is surrounded by this everyday, her home is an escape from reality. ┬áKarson loves to be active and create new meals for her family to devour at dinner time and afterwards snuggle in bed with her dog to watch romantic comedies. Karson is the only child, unless her dog is counted because he acts like an insanely spoiled human. Her parents were close to a divorce when she was around 10 yeas old but was never followed through with. She has a bestfriend, more like a sister, named Lena. Lena and Karson have been inseparable since the first day of there freshman year of high school. Lena has made Karson a much stronger person. Although Karsons world may sound better off to the people around her that do not know her, they do not know what she may be facing because she is so quiet. There is always that one issue that seems as if it will never go away and that for Karson was the snotty Krissy. Krissy was the girl who had to make Karson’s life a living death trap in order to make herself feel better.