Genius Hour

Genius hour, in my opinion, would be an hour of our time well spent. It would be spent on something we have always wanted to learn, accomplish or try. This experience would also give our brains a break during the day. This hour would combine the need of communication, research, public display and focus. There are many improvements that are shown through this concept from other schools. Gary Small once said “The idea is use it or lose it, work out your brain cells so they can stay active and healthy”. With this said, the concept of genius hour really gets drawn to my attention more because you’re using your brain on something you are interested in, so your using it and not loosing it.

I have two topics that I have always wanted to learn about and try to accomplish. First is crocheting: in this case I can make small items like potholders, hats or mittens for family and friends. Second is learning how to play the piano: creating music is not only impactful and a sense of enjoyment to ourselves but others that hear it. These two topics are two that I have always wanted to learn how to do and will take time to accomplish. I recently just learned how to play the guitar and it was a process but it was worth it.




Michigan weather is something special. You never know what to expect. Some days it will be snowy and bitterly cold. Other days will be sunny and windy. I love winter but it is a struggle in Michigan. The winters are terrible.

I have the right to complain about Michigan because I have lived here my whole life. The roads get more bunny everyday. The snow makes the roads hard to drive on without ditching them and the cold is strenuous on many things. All my activities seem limited. Such as playing with my dog outside because his little feet will freeze or making trips to my friends house or to dinner because my parents are nervous for me driving. Not only activities but I have to wake up earlier to warm my car up before I leave for school as well as leaving early from my house in case the roads are rough. All issues in Michigan’s winter season come together as a huge problem. There are so many reasons to leave but also to stay.

As much as I hate the bitter cold more and more as I get older there is no way I could leave my family. Even though onsted is a small town in Michigan with not very much around to do, I still love it.

The Stress of Senior Year

I think to myself everyday as I wake up… this is my last year, you can do it. Everyday gets harder and harder to wake up and make myself look presentable. As a junior I told myself that I was not going to be one of those seniors who just takes blow off classes and never has to do anything. I told myself I was going to work hard and finish with a BANG. Don’t get me wrong I am trying my hardest everyday and I am certainly not take blow off classes. But now first semester if almost to an end. My grades that matter and get sent to the college I want to attend are from this semester. With that thought in the back of my head at all times it makes all the other parts of senioritis even more difficult. I met with my counselor the other day to make my schedule for next semester and what do you know. I am only here for a half day because senioritis is taking a toll on my life.

I find myself always spinning around in circles and every time I stop there is a new deadline in front of me on top of my assignments. “Don’t forget to turn your pictures in”, “Are you filling our your FAFSA?”, “Don’t forget to spend time filling out scholarships.”, “Where do you plan to go to college next year?”, “What are you going to major in?”, “Have you worked on scholarships?”, “What scholarships have you applied for?” I know scholarships are very important and free money waiting for you but that’s all I hear about from everyone it feels like 24/7. Those are just some of the phrases that frequently run through my head all of the time.

Don’t get me wrong I am thrilled to be a senior and I am loving the fact that I have to cherish a lot of things because they will be my “lasts” but sure is it stressful.

Now I could probably go on and on about all the information you will receive and how many speakers you will hear on college and scholarships and also expos you can participate in to find your interests but I will let you experience it and find out some of the stuff on your own. Enjoy!

Character Study

Karson is a young and enthusiastic goofball. She has long brown hair with little kinky waves that everyone admires but she is insecure about. Her olive green eyes pop from her slightly tan skin and faded freckled face. She is about 5’5″ and her family calls her a toothpick which she does not like one smidgen. Karson is very hip and follows the dressing trends quite a bit, always finding the latest and greatest clothing and never paying full price. Her clothing brings confidence to her because clothing is her way of expressing herself due to the fact that she is very quiet and some people do not take the time of day to have a conversation with her to ask if she is doing well. She has a bad habit of chipping at her nail polish when they are not painted perfectly. Another bad habit is stressing out and worrying about many things that should not even be crossing a 16 year olds mind. She has the strength to push through pain and tears when everything seems to be falling around her but when someone raises their voice towards her, her confidence shatters to the ground. This 16 year old teenager hates with a passion the popular girl drama and attitudes that kids her age can put off. Although she is surrounded by this everyday, her home is an escape from reality.  Karson loves to be active and create new meals for her family to devour at dinner time and afterwards snuggle in bed with her dog to watch romantic comedies. Karson is the only child, unless her dog is counted because he acts like an insanely spoiled human. Her parents were close to a divorce when she was around 10 yeas old but was never followed through with. She has a bestfriend, more like a sister, named Lena. Lena and Karson have been inseparable since the first day of there freshman year of high school. Lena has made Karson a much stronger person. Although Karsons world may sound better off to the people around her that do not know her, they do not know what she may be facing because she is so quiet. There is always that one issue that seems as if it will never go away and that for Karson was the snotty Krissy. Krissy was the girl who had to make Karson’s life a living death trap in order to make herself feel better.

Park Renovation Status

As a small group in our AP language class we are trying to renovate our Onsted Village Park. We plan to update the look and clean up some of the unwanted litter and safety hazards. We have been working on this project for three weeks now and are steadily making progress. We started conversation with what each one of us, out of five on our team, wanted to improve in the park. After coming to an agreement  we found contacts that have already been involved in the process of fundraising for the parks updates.

At this point in our discussion we have contacted Officer Paterson and the Fire Department about any juvenile acts or reported incidents. Also, we have tried contacting Dean Gassert who is head of a fundraiser in his daughters name, she was a graduate from Onsted who passed away very soon after high school. Lastly, our principal for any known information he has related to our topic.

A group member has also created a survey that will eventually be sent out to different age groups in our school. This survey will provide information to us about whether or not others see the park as an issue to the community.

Crying Rape

One thing that has been frequently crossing my mind lately is the crying of rape. I need 2012, 24% of girls ages 12-14 were sexually abused. Also, girls younger than the age of nine had a higher percent of 34% sexually abused. 1.8 million American adolescents were sexual assault victims in the year of 2012(NSOPW). Rape and sexual abuse is a serious thing and nobody deserves to be hurt in this way.

In order to have the mindset that sexual assault or abuse is okay in ones mind must be a victim of a mental disorder. One of the most important things to realize after being assaulted is the new red to report the incident. Only 16% of adults reported they were raped(NSOPW). Not reporting the crime can result in more assault if not careful because the perpetrator can then feel satisfaction because he/she got away with it. Taking the perpetrator to court shows that a fight is brewing inside of oneself.

Rape is a serious crime and nothing to take lightly. It can happen to anyone anytime. Self defense is something that can provide protection for yourself or someone else if witnessing a crime such as sexual assault.


Park Project

In my group we are working to improve the safety and cleanliness of our Onsted Village Park. This is an area that use to thrive with kids and bright colors as baseball games were played and cross country trails were ran. Since then many safety hazards have arose along with destruction of property. To improve these issues we plan to make contact with the fundraising that is already in motion. We have contacted members of our community for information and any issues they have known about. Research has been made on park regulations and such.

As a team we plan to remove the safety hazards and attempt to upgrade or remove some of the dangerous equipment. For example, there are sharp objects sticking out of the ground from play equipment that has been removed. Also, a group member made a good statement towards the rocks in the play area instead of a rubber mat of some sort that is more child safe. Another thing we want to improve is the cleanliness of the whole area. There is trash scattered throughout the grounds along with weeds and uncut grass that makes in look not so pleasant. We also talked about touching up the bathrooms so they are not so smelly and unsanitary. Lastly, it was brought up to think about getting art club involved in adding a splash of color around the park.

Overall, our team has a good and prosperous plan. Many of our sources and information is very trustworthy. We have many great ideas and so far are on top of things.

Kindness to the World

The world has many different nationalities of people with different levels of wealth. We also have many different countries, communities and families who have very  limited resources. Some parents worry when their child’s next meal will be or a meal for themselves. There are places in the world that exist other than the United States. Americans need to have a sense of kindness and start thinking of other people and not themselves for once.

While we are living in our glory with clothes on or backs, food in our mouths and a good education, their are third world countries who do not even have water without parasites in it or a bed to sleep in at night. Can you imagine going to sleep at night with no phone to play on and laying on a dirt floor or a mattress with no padding anymore and holes. Then in the morning waking up to an insect nibbling at your skin. What if you did not have your car? Some kids under 10 years old walk to school that is over three miles away from there homes, up and down hills, all by themselves. Then look at us with our heated seat cars with aux chords and one of our only worries is while going to school is what music I’ll listen to.

My point comes to this, our country has become so selfish and focused on what is better for ourselves then opening our eyes to seeing the world crumbling to pieces. We are so lucky and could help so many people if our minds we set to it.


As a high school senior i am extremely anxious to make the next step to the real world. There are many things to stress over when trying to decide on a college. For me it is money. There is always money in the world but things are very costly. College charges a ton of capital for all things. Your charged for books that you will use for a semester. Your food plan so you do not starve yourself everyday or live off of ramen noodles and pop tarts the rest your college life. You also pay for dorms. All of these things add up and it can be very stressful to you and your family.

But on the other hand, i have heard several stories from family friends you are in college or have attended college. The friends they have made there are some of the best friends they have ever had and will stay in touch with them for the rest of their lives. College was eye opening for some of them. From high school being shy and quiet moving to college making new friends and becoming more independent.

Overall, there are ups and downs to your future but do not let anything hold you back. Don’t forget about the lessons you have learned in high school or the memories you made under the Friday night lights but do get held back from trying new things and making new memories.

Space Discussion

In the beginning we were a little confused on what was meant by “think of and list different types of spaces”. Our minds never really stopped to think about all the different types of spaces that are actually around us. So, we came up with some original ones such as personal space, public space or like space between words. As class went on throughout the week we started getting deeper into thought and defining many types more.

Later in the week groups shared their spaces and we realized we had thought of some similar ones but others had gone extremely into thought as well. By the middle of the week we had several notes written down discussing spaces and attitudes in a classroom. Discussions started to broaden and strengthen. We came up with “vibes” in a classroom, attitudes, moods, how engaged we are and what makes us engaged in class.