Genius Hour

When starting this project I was not completely sure how consistent I would be with it or even if I would enjoy it. But, it was something I could take and do anywhere… and of course I have to carry in the tradition for my family. I now find myself crocheting all of the time. I enjoy it so much and can’t wait to see the final outcome if I ever stop. The past week I met with an adult familiar with techniques and several other things involved with crocheting. I found the meeting so informational and helpful. So, throughout the time I met with her until now I have practiced some things that I have been helped on and taught. Using these certain things such as holding my project piece, pulling the needle through a different way and creating the corners better has made progress in my workings.

I have also switched my colors while being helped and it was a lot simpler than many would think. I have now made it through two whole rolls of yarn and am starting on my third. Comparing both of the colors shows that I have been taught new things because I started the new color while being taught. The new color looks better but is a little looser. Come to find out, it is not as good as I thought to have it tight because if the tension changes while creating your pattern it can mess it up and interfere with the shape of the my project. I noticed my shape was changing but didnt know how I could fix it until I met with Cathy the week before.


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