Genius hour

Today’s genius hour was as productive as always. The amount of yarn that I had left was very small but I worked with it and finished the ball. I am now going to start a new color and learn how to connect the two and continue on with my project.

I searched around in the internet for ways to switch the colors as simply as possible for a granny stitch: this is the stitch I am using. The biggest and most interesting thing I found online was a man by the name of Michael Sellick. He did a great tutorial so I read up on him more and how he got into crocheting. Michael Sellick provided a good video and directions on how to change colors while continuing the pattern. One of the easiest ways is to take one end of each piece of yarn and tight a small, tight knot between one another. This will connect the two colors easily and give you more yarn to crochet with. After they are connected, you may begin with the process of crocheting again.

The link to The Crochet Crowd: Michael Sellick


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