Update on Genius Hour

This genius hour was productive once again. I have enlarged my crocheting piece and I am getting very good at making sure the stitches stay tight. I did run into one challenge this week… my new nails. you would think that this wouldn’t cause an issue but it did. I had jut got acrylics the night before and I am not used to them one bit. I am scared that one of them is going to break off if I apply too much force: and doing so could hurt very much. So, instead of using the tips of my fingers to pull some of the yarn over the hook… I had to use the sides of my thumb and middle finger. This then led to them getting quite sore because that part of your fingers aren’t used very much.

Another thing that had crossed my mind while crocheting was how much yarn I have left and how big my final piece is. I am starting to run low on yarn and still want to continue making it bigger. In this case I will have to learn how to switch colors of just start a new bundle of yarn on my project without it looking like there was an issue. I am thinking of choosing a dark grey color to coordinate with the burgundy I have going now.


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