Week 6

Going into week 6 I was kind of frustrated: due to the fact the I could not keep the yarn tight as I continued through the process. During genius hour, I found a comfortable position to crochet in and worked on the pieces I was not too strong in yet. I had many ideas of what to crochet for my project; scarf, hat, hot pads. But, out of all the ideas I had… I chose to make a blanket and use a stitch I hadn’t done any research on.

During class as I crocheted, I learned to keep the yarn tight and closer to the hook and the blanket itself to have a tighter blanket where it couldn’t come undone. With only working in it once a week lately (because I’m getting the hang of it) it hasn’t gotten very big but I am very proud of the creation I have made so far.


3 thoughts on “Week 6

  1. It’s awesome that you are learning to crochet. When I was yournger my grandmother taught me how to knit, but I can’t do it anymore. Learing something like that sounds like fun, and I can’t wait to see your finished product.


  2. This is such a cool experience and I am really happy for you! My great grandma hand made me a blanket when I was little before she passed away and I still have it to this day. Are you planning on keeping the blanket or giving it as a gift? If you get really good at it that would be an awesome thing to give someone as a gift; it shows how much time and effort you put into it and also shows how talented you are at something that a lot of people in our generation cannot do.


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