Last week I slowly started to mess with the yarn and get the feel for things. My mom began to teach me a stitch the she has grown up to know and love: The granny Stitch is used for many things but mostly seen with blankets. After awhile the stitch begins to repeat itself. I did not think it was going to be difficult until I actually got my hands on it… then it was not so easy.

Today I brought the yarn and my product so far to school for genius hour. I was very nervous because I did not think I had the pattern down yet: But I very much surprised myself as I started. At first I got frustrated, then bored, then I was all tensed up. I kept remembering my moms voice in my head saying…”If your all tense and tightened up it doesn’t make things easier or more fun”. So I put things down, took a deep breath and began to continue on with the granny stitch. I made great progress today. One issue that I am struggling with is keeping the yarn pulled tight as I stitch it: the yarn tends to loosen as you go because weaving in and out of pieces. Overall, I am happy I chose this project and I excited to keep monitoring my progress.


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