Genius Hour Update

Today’s genius hour consisted of learning how to crochet a scarf, for beginners. I took notes on the steps and found it really interesting. I have watched my cousin crochet a thinker type of scarf before and it looked very confusing, until now. The website I checked out today showed great examples of the steps taken to create this: materials needed, chain stitch, making loops(laces), attaching the laces, increasing the width, and adding tassels. While taking notes on these steps I learned a new stitch, which was the chain stitch. The examples shown for this stitch provided pictures. This worked out very well for me because I am an extremely visual learner. This type of stitch is meant for beginners but is used for many things even when your not learning anymore.

Within the next week I hope to start the process of a slip know first then moving to crocheting the scarf. I have my mom at home who loves to crochet and has made many blankets for me. I find it astonishing with all the sorts of things that can be made with one simple hobby.


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